This post was supposed to be up weeks ago, but life happened.  I felt uninspired, turned 35, and I’m still not that inspired to wrap up our New York trip but I’m determined to do it anyway.  I hate long absences on this blog, it really means a lot to me to be able to write.  Even when nobody is reading.

I’m seriously missing New York.  I really feel like I didn’t see enough, do enough, or have cooperative weather.  With so many places on my already bulging, I-don’t-know-how-I-will-ever-be-able-to-afford-it, travel itinerary, New York City feels like a place I won’t be able to make it back to for a long time.  All I can do now is reminisce.

It’s no secret that New York City is expensive.  Restuarants are pricey, but not everything in New York is a wallet killer.  Pizza is good, cheap, and available everywhere.  I found fresh juice stands in abundance and it seemed that most convience stores could whip you up a fresh, healthy juice of your choosing.  The juice isn’t “cheap” but I found it to be good value and less expensive than juice places in my area.  On top of that they were fresh!  I saw most priced at $12 for a very large juice and smaller juices for less. The fresh juices are an easy way to get nutrients into growing kids.  As far as fast food places go, I found them about 20-30% more expensive than at home.  Shake Shack is overrated and expensive and I recommend that you skip it.  Street food is everywhere and looked like good value.  I didn’t try it, as I didn’t come across many vegan food carts, but that’s always an option.  There are TONS of vegan restaurants however, and I had the pleasure to try a few of them.

By Chloe and Franchia are both fantastic vegan restaurants in NYC, and both restaurants are completely vegan.  I went to By Chloe for breakfast and it was terrific.  Really awesome pancakes, great vegan breakfast sandwiches, and smoothie bowls.  The only downside to this restaurant were the crowds and limited seating.  You really have to hunt and hover to get a table.  Franchia is mind blowing good and one of the best meals I’ve eaten.  I can highly recommend these restaurants, especially if you are vegan and sick of tofu scrambles, veggie burgers, and only being able to order sides at non vegan restaurants.

The last night in New York was bittersweet.  I really wasn’t ready to leave but I felt so lucky to have went.  I spent the last night in the middle of Times Square with Michael, sharing candy while we marveled at the enormity of it all.  The shuttle to LaGuardia airport was to arrive early (4 AM!), and I knew we had a stressful departure ahead of us.

Once we returned to the hotel I decided to stay up all night getting things packed and together, while Michael tried to sleep.  The kids were up too late as well, everyone tired and dreary as we boarded our Supershuttle van.  I had no problems with this service, I believe it cost me around $117 for all six of us with direct transport to LaGuardia.  The shuttle actually arrived early and when we arrived at the airport, nothing was even open yet.  There were no employees of the airline we were flying at the desk yet, no restaurants open.  People were sprawled out over tables, asleep, waiting for things to open up.  We found a spot, and prepared to do what everyone else inside the airport was doing.  Keiren wasn’t too keen about this, and whined briefly while I set up wifi for him on his kindle.  I was too tired and short with him, but the boys did very well considering.  Once American Airlines was ready to check us in and take our luggage, we went through the routine and typical waits before boarding.  I was truly worn down by the time we made it to plane.

  Tired boys waiting in LaGaurdia Airport.

The plane ride itself was smooth and uneventful, but I made some mistakes.  In my weariness, I guess I forgot to put an extra change of clothes in the boys carry on.  Of course this is the time when Sahki spills juice all over himself.  Sahki was upset 3/4ths of the ride home and it was incredibly annoying.  I was mad at myself for not having a change of clothes, and annoyed at him.  I was so tired and I wanted nothing more than to just shut my eyes and relax as best I could to until we got home.  Sahki was whiny until he fell asleep, but since it was only an hour flight, I was highly irritated by the time we landed.  Everyone else had slept on the plane, and I was now a zombie.


The kids and I went to retrieve the luggage while Michael got the car from long term parking.  Thank goodness for Michael because I was in no shape to drive home, and I fell asleep as soon as I got in the car.  Once I arrived home I fed and gave the cat a pat, before the boys and I crawled into bed to sleep.


My best advice for New York is to give yourself a lot more time than you think you need.  I wish I had stayed a month, there is so much to this city.  Ride the subway and really take time to absorb the atmosphere.  I slowly fell in love with this wonderful city, but this isn’t a place you should try to zip through.  A week was hardly a taste for me.  I’m looking forward to returning to New York.


Talented musicians that even got Sahki to dance around.

We were treated to very talented musicians in the subway one day.  Be sure to throw a few bucks to these artists.