I don’t know how to write this post without sounding racist, so I’m just going to write with honesty and hope that this won’t be misunderstood.  I truly believe that all children, no matter what their background, get far more benefits from being homeschooled than going to school.  This is especially true in the early elementary years.  Of course there will always be some exceptions, and some cases where children should be at school rather than with their parents, but these scenarios are rare as anyone can homeschool.

Since I am black and my children are black I am going to focus on black people.  Growing up, I went to a predominately black elementary school and a predominately white middle school and high school.  In my grade school, there were maybe 10 white kids in the entire school.  Once we moved, everything was reversed and I was among 20-30 blacks in the entire school.  My high school was and still is considered to be a very good school.  I’ve been on both extremes growing up so I can say with sincerity that school sucks no matter which school your child goes to.  If you are black then the problems of sending kids to school are even more magnified.  I hated both schools for some of the same and different reasons.

Most predominately black schools are terrible

Segregation may be outlawed but you’d never know it if you walked into most public schools in the United States.  There are a handful of predominately black schools in my area that are doing well.  They have 3-5 year long waiting lists and the odds that your child will be among one of the lucky few are slim.  There are a handful of good racially mixed schools with a decent ratio of blacks (30-40% black) and latinos (maybe 10-15% latinos), but those schools are exceptions as well.  Most of the really good schools are predominately white.  Most of the really GREAT schools are practically all white.  No matter what the reasons are for these disparities to exist, it’s reason enough for more blacks to opt out of the school system.  Sure you could move to an affluent area, use private schools or vouchers, or cross your fingers and say a hail mary for a “good” charter school but why bother?  I don’t think doing so helps blacks or promotes a positive self image for black children.  It teaches dependency on white people at best and that whites are superior at worst.

When we moved to a new school district my sister and I were really unhappy.  We didn’t want to attend a lame white school.  I know that sounds horrible but we were really ignorant, and that’s the way we thought at the time.  My mother tried to make the situation better by telling us how great the school was and how we’d get used to it after a while.  In some ways she was right, I found that the differences between whites and blacks were superficial, but the largest disparities were in regard to the schools themselves.  I did experience some racism, a lot of plain ol’ ignorance, but for the most part the kids were fine.  Nobody really cared what the black kids were doing.  I learned to be comfortable around whites which is a skill all blacks must have, but there are better ways for black kids to learn this without going to school.  My mother also gave us a warning that we should be careful around whites and that all white people will think we are stupid because we are black.  I didn’t believe it then and I still don’t understand this type of thinking today.  Why send your kids to a white school if this is what you believe to be true?

If blacks are honest and truly do believe that all whites are inherently racist, then what is the point of sending kids to an all white school?  Even if most of the students are black, most of the teachers won’t be, so are black people really that brainwashed that we’d send our children to be educated by whites even while believing all whites are racist?  Why would anyone be silly enough to knowingly put their kids in a racist environment?   I still don’t get it.  I read all about black empowerment, white supremacy, and black lives matter, but not enough blacks are advocating self sufficiency.  Most of the things I read about fixing “black problems” are the equivalent of begging.  Begging white people for better schools.  Begging white people to send busses to the inner city to pick up brown kids and bring them to affluent white schools.  Begging white people for more money to “fix” things.  Begging racist white people to stop being racist.  Nobody respects beggars.  People respect doers.

The first step towards fixing problems in the black community start with school.

Homeschooling promotes self reliance.  Self reliance promotes leadership and accountability.  Being free to learn what you want, when you feel it’s right, is the ultimate form of independence.  When you feel in control of your decisions, when you are in charge of your education, you will immediately want to help others.  If your life is chaotic, boring, confusing, or lazy you won’t feel empowered.  You can’t be effective at anything worthwhile if you don’t feel empowered.  Homeschooling is empowering.  You will feel empowered doing things most people say they can’t do.  You will feel helpless and uninspired if you wait for other people to fix problems.  Lack of empowerment makes blacks susceptible to focus on superficial things.

Empowerment leads to motivation and motivation leads to growth and leadership.  Fostering leadership and healthy self esteem in black children is exactly what the black community needs.  There aren’t enough black teachers, and there aren’t enough good black schools.  Stop lying to black children and telling them they need a good education in order to compete with white people.  The best thing we can do for black children is teach them how to create their own career rather than how to get a job.  Successful white people aren’t teaching their children to get the best grades for the best jobs.  Successful white people create businesses to pass down or integrate their children into.

Black people will never get anywhere begging white people to fix problems.  I can’t reiterate this enough, and this is another reason why “Black Lives Matter” sucks and is a waste of your time.  White people do not and cannot understand problems within the black community.  Even the whites that are willing to understand cannot because they are not black.  I mean this with no malice, and I’ve dated white men for years.  I hold no animosity or blame towards white people.  These statements are not meant to be viewed as whitey = racist bad person.  Most people in this world are good, including white people, but black people have lived a different experience than whites.  Don’t waste your time trying to get whites to empathize with blacks.  Homeschooling can improve a multitude a problems within the black community, and I’m not the only who thinks so.

Black history is truly lacking in schools.

I remember a joke by Chris Rock about the answer to every black achievement in history being Martin Luther King, because that’s the only black person they really learned about in school.  While it was a funny joke, there’s a lot truth to it.  We learned about slavery and Rosa Parks, but we did not learn about Malcolm X, The Black Wall Street, Frederick Douglas, the Tuskegee airmen, or many other things in great detail or at all.  In school I was taught that Malcolm X was “too racist” towards whites to be taken seriously, and that MLK was the ultimate leader and truth teller for black civil rights.  This is a lie of course, and all black people should be reading or listening to Malcolm X.  I’ve found that just about everything he had to say still holds truth and relevance today.  He forewarned that blacks will be worse off if they focus solely on integration and “fairness” with whites.  The only way for blacks to truly get respect and get ahead is to lead.  Looking at where blacks are today, we can see for ourselves that Malcolm X was correct.  The answer was not begging for a better seat on the bus, but to get your own bus.  This is the same in the aspect of schools.  Don’t beg for better black history.  Teach black kids true history yourself.

Sending your kids to inferior poor black schools will only make the problem worse no matter how much you complain about it.

The only way to truly fix the inequality within the public school system is to pull your kids out of school.  This is imperative if your kids attend a failing school.  Even if you do a horrible job homeschooling, your kids are still better off than going to a really bad school.  The school system is a corrupt broken place, and it won’t get better until more parents are willing to sacrifice and get uncomfortable.  It’s easier to send kids to school, I get it.  Schools will work harder to attract parents if we stop thinking we are forced to use schools even when we know the school is terrible.  Underperforming schools need to close or be forced to completely reform, but that won’t happen if enrollment doesn’t drastically drop.  Stop sending your kids to bad schools and increasing their risk of going to prison.  The school to prison pipeline doesn’t exist by accident.  Kids in poverty are unlikely to get out of poverty by going to bad schools.  Black kids are more likely to be suspended than white kids.  Just like if you’re poor and black you’re more likely to get an unfair or harsher prison sentence than a white person.  Being poor is a disadvantage whether you are black or white, but it is magnified greatly if you are black and poor.  Black people need to homeschool, but poor black people really need to homeschool.

Don’t throw your black children up in the air and hope for the best.  Take charge and homeschool.