It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything.  I suppose it doesn’t matter what I’m writing right now as nobody is reading this blog yet.  If you are reading, bless your heart for enduring this rambling post likely filled with run on sentences.  Anyway, my name is Crystal and I’m single parent of four kids.  I have a 17-year old daughter named Taylor.  I have a 14-year old son named Andrew.  I have twin boys, age 7, diagnosed with autism at the age of 3.  I probably won’t showcase much of my teens.  It’s up to them how much they’d like to be apart of this blog.  My twins, Keiren and Sahki, are instrumental in my decision to blog.  They helped me create this site.

We are not full time travelers.  One day I’d like to travel continuously, living a digital nomad lifestyle of some sort. We haven’t sold all our belongings and left the country.  Yet.  We’re not there yet and the kids are not ready for long term travel.  They have their lives here, my daughter has a job she enjoys and I respect that.  We do have a trip planned in March, to New York City.  I haven’t decided where else we will go once in New York.  Perhaps a cruise, Miami, Chicago, who knows.  We will go wherever the airfare deals take us.

Our life hasn’t been easy, we’ve gone through tough times together.  We are finding our path, seeing what feels right.  I decided there would be no more school for us.  School is too constricting for our way of life.  I want to travel and not be tied down to school schedules.  After careful research and reading, the decision to take my kids out of school was an easy one.  Andrew was flunking, Sahki has always hated going, and Taylor had no desire to go to school anymore.  Keiren liked school but loves homeschooling.  I always hated school growing up and I wish there had been alternatives for me.  I could no longer send them to school knowing they weren’t getting much out of it.

I’ve never been traditional at all, and I’ve lived my life in a way that’s different from everyone I know.  I suppose this makes it easier for me to do something other people would call crazy.  I don’t worry about fitting in because I’ve never fit in anyway.  I still struggle every day, but I love learning and writing.  I’d like to keep this blog honest even if it isn’t popular.

I hope this blog can help and inspire others, as so many blogs have inspired me.  I’ve always wanted to travel.  Before I had the boys (my twins) I had planned our vacations for the next ten years.  I never imagined I’d be homeschooling, but I always imagined I’d be traveling.  When the boys were diagnosed with autism I thought, well there went that.  I was wrong, you absolutely can travel with autistic children.  It may be harder, it may take longer, but you can do it.  Trust in yourself.  Believe in your kids, and let them teach you sometimes.  We’ve all got what it takes.